Free Roof Inspection !

I keep seeing this on other “Inspectors” web sites and marketing material.  We offer “Free Roof Inspections” with every home inspection.  Every Home Inspection unless the Inspector feels it is unsafe or that damage may occur to the roof is required to INSPECT THE ROOF!  It makes one wonder  how ethical a company is that tries to make a potential customer think that a normal procedure is now somehow a wonderful FREE OFFER!  When you see this type of advertising, my advice is to look for another qualified Home Inspector that doesn’t use smoke and mirrors to lure in the unsuspecting home buyer.   The following is taken directly from the CREIA  (California Real Estate Inspection Association) Standards of Practice.  This is what it says about inspecting the roof and what is required of a CREIA Inspector.

3. Roof Covering

A. Items to be inspected:

  1. Covering
  2. Drainage
  3. Flashings
  4. Penetrations
  5. Skylights

B. The inspector is not required to:

  1. Walk on the roof surface if in the opinion of the Inspector there is risk of damage or a hazard to the Inspector
  2. Warrant or certify that roof systems, coverings, or components are free from leakage.



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